Can you stay happy for a 100 days?

Today I signed up to the ’100 Happy Days’ experiment. (Find out about it at http://100happydays.com)

For 100 consecutive days I shall be actively noticing when something makes me happy and making a note, or taking a picture of that event. Then on those instances when I need it, I can look back through my Happy Days records and remind myself of those good feelings. I also want to keep a ever growing log of these moments here too. It may seem a bit excessive, but being mindful of the good things seems like a good idea to me, and maybe just maybe when you read this, I’ll influence you to be mindful of them too. And hopefully, by the end of the 100 days, I will have established a habit of noticing and remembering all the good things that come along every day. So here we are on Day 1.

Waking up to this, most days. #100happydays

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