Small space garden and two dogs

Three ripe tomatoes on a vine.
These plants are my pride and joy!

I have small blossoming gardens on my apartment balconies. This is my favourite one, next to my kitchen. The tomatoes are growing well and the basil and parsley are thriving. The sage and oregano have started sprouting and the flowers are blooming. ūüôā¬†

I just have to ensure that the dogs don’t eat my herbs which they are very fond of doing.

Link : 64-bit Firefox for Windows should be prioritized

The Mozilla foundation is de-prioritising the development work on 64bit version of Firefox for Windows. This is a good article which points out why not, while also explaining the benefits of 64bit browsers. It does make me think however – that browsers these days are fundamentally broken.

Source: Ars Technica. | 64-bit Firefox for Windows should be prioritized, not suspended

Early civilisation and the first Gods

The bronze age of man bought with it a more organised religion than which was practiced in the stone age.  The great civilisations of the period, – Ancient Egyptian in Africa, Mesopotamia in Central Asia and the Indus Valley Civilisation in north India – developed the first thought forms of the Godhead, the beginnings of religion. Their beliefs evolved slowly over the centuries and gradually developed into a comprehensive world view shared by the people.  Continue reading Early civilisation and the first Gods