Using IFTTT to automate the web

Wouldn’t it be handy if images you take on your iPhone were saved to your Dropbox folders? Or if starred emails in Gmail automatically got sent to your Evernote notebook? Or even if you receive a SMS if it is going to rain?


If This Then That (IFTTT) is a web service that can help you achieve all of the above plus a lot more. IFTTT links up your preferred web services simplifying information transfer between them. IFTTT allows you to connect with popular web services like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, Evernote and many more.
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What I was reading today

The news of the mega merger of Advertising holding companies Omnicom and Publicis have raised a lot of eyebrows and even some hackles in the advertising world. While the repercussions of the formation of this Godzilla may take some time to appear, the ad world has made quite a few comments about it. Like everyone else this is all I was reading about the last couple of days.


δ Image from AP. Maurice Levy, CEO Publicis and Omnicom group CEO John Wren.

It’s my Birthday!

Fireworks over Sydney Harbour

I’m a Leo. Can’t you tell?

My Horoscope for the day suggests “You are treated to a lavish spread today. Wether its a perk of work, generosity on the part of your boss or a free omelet bar at the hotel, you are enjoying every tiny mouthful!”

Wonder what that means? ^_^

Fireworks over Sydney Harbour, Image from the Flickr collection of the Australian War Memorial.

The best social networks you don’t know about

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the defacto names which come to mind when anyone thinks of social networks or social media. These 400 pound gorrilas of the social networks have embodied what social means to the web. They have large audiences who are uploading millions of photographs and even more status messages and stories. But within this reality, an interesting phenomenon has been occuring over the last few years. People have been moving away from these platforms, to more specialised networks which meet their particular needs. None of these networks have as much traffic or volume as the big three, but it probably helps increase the signal to noise ratio. Find out more about some of these networks after the jump.

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What I was reading today

Today’s list is from all over. No themes, just good reads.

Today’s image is from the collection of the New York Public Library.