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Tech Tip : Password revealer in Internet Explorer 10

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Microsoft released Internet Explorer 10 to users of Windows 7 in the last couple of weeks. A new feature in the browser makes it very easy to check your password for correctness before clicking the login buttons. When you start typing in the password field, a small icon (looking like an upside down u on top of a dot) appears on the right end of the password field. Clicking on the icon, reveals your password for you to check it. The password only appears while the mouse key is held down.

Password Revealer feature in Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 10

If you click out of the password field a couple of times, the icon does not appear any more. I don’t know if the last bit is a bug or a feature, but my opinion is that it is a nod to security.


  1. I feel uncomfortable about how they executed this. It’s very strange and dangerous if you walk away from the computer, then anyone can just come to click-and-hold to see your password. I wish there was a way to disable it.

    • Protection for that is built in. You can only preview the password at first entry. If you click out of the password box, the option does not reappear.

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