The stats behind Pinterest [infographic]

Another Infographic; this time from Wishpond, a team which provides a platform for social contests. As Pinterest continues to grow, more businesses are looking for an¬†opportunity¬†to share their users scrap-booking space. It seems to be a great platform for targeting women with children as 80% of the users of Pinterest are women and 50% have children. Apparently people also prefer associations with brands more on Pinterest, with 43% versus 24% of Facebook.  

Digital agencies – why are we scared of performing?

Why do digital agencies offer complete resistance to ROI or performance based models of marketing? Instead why are agencies and Internet companies adopting ‘soft bullying’ methods to increase digital spends and increase revenue? There has been a recent glut of press releases and statements made about how marketers would be substantially increasing the spends in their marketing budgets for the digital medium. Forester recently released a report which said said that marketer spend on Interactive is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2014. Impressive analysis and seemed quite logical, What no published story about the report mentioned, was that possibly TV would possibly grow to. Along with this report there was a commentary started in the digital marketing space in India – with experts suggesting that the digital spends would increase from 1-2 % to 10% and beyond. The major problem with this type of posturing is that the agencies and Industry bodies are speaking independently, and not with

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