What I was reading today

The news of the mega merger of Advertising holding companies Omnicom and Publicis have raised a lot of eyebrows and even some hackles in the advertising world. While the repercussions of the formation of this Godzilla may take some time to appear, the ad world has made quite a few comments about it. Like everyone else this is all I was reading about the last couple of days.


δ Image from AP. Maurice Levy, CEO Publicis and Omnicom group CEO John Wren.

What I was reading today

Today’s list is from all over. No themes, just good reads.

Today’s image is from the collection of the New York Public Library.


What I was reading today

In what was an unintended coincidence the pieces I was reading today all seemed be about a different reality behind a visible one.

The image I have used today is a picture of Delhi’s coronation park, a forgotten reminder of the days of the Raj in the history of India. Another picture where the story is hidden behind what is visible. This image is by Adapter Plug from the Flickr set : Coronation Park, Delhi

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What I am reading today


Image used for this post is a Boeing 247 taken from the Flicker archives of the San Diego Air and Space Museum