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A new year

Tonight 2016 ends. I don’t know if it was a good year or a bad year. I do believe it was a year with a lot of change. Change brought about for good (or for bad) as some may believe. I lost my last grandparent, I lost a dog, I spent 10 days in New York, and I read a few good books. I found a place for myself in my own eyes and in the work I do. I don’t believe change is about resolutions. A new year is an arbitrary deadline. How will I decide something without understanding how it will affect the rest of my year.

A different story

I had an idea for a different kind of storytelling the other day. Maybe I was inspired by the buzzword of co-creation I keep throwing out in my day job. I wanted to try my hand at telling a story through pictures and words. And for new words I reached out to friends on Facebook.

I think I have had a decent first attempt. What do you think?


I went for a visit to my old neighbourhood in Delhi today. I had to run some chores and also needed to pick up a couple of things from my old home. We moved from the house a year or so ago to Gurgaon, a city next to Delhi, which forms part of the National Capital Region. We moved for reasons of necessity and practicality, and we had balanced rational vs the emotional when we moved. And yet when you do return, its hard not to remember all that has happened in those years. The house where I grew up in has 69 years of history.

Blooms to beat the Winter glooms

I was a bit of a busy beaver this last week. I got a lot of my winter blooms and some of my edibles planted. Who says you can’t go plant happy in an apartment?

Gallery after the jump.

New year realisations

It is a tradition that you should start a new year with a few resolutions that you should try and keep. Maybe, lose some weight, try and save more- heck I’ve tried to do some of that myself. But the painful thing about resolutions is that they are very very (near impossible) to keep for people (aka: ME). Change is inevitable, it is constant and out of the control of us mere mortals. Resolutions are a feeble attempt at trying to control change, let them flow. Rather, I think we should start 2014 with a few realisations. So my realisations for 2014


Today makes it 5 years since I have written on again and off again on this blog. Over the past five years, I have changed 4 web hosts, and many domains before settling on asabharwal.com. It’s also taken me a while to settle on a name I have been happy with.

This blog has been like me – experimental in design and content. People who have followed me over the past five years (there are some) have seen my blog transition from – Twobeans.net to digiFAQs.com. I have toyed with ‘secretingredient.in’ & ‘thehungrygeek.com’ in between for writing about my interests in food. I was buying domains like potato chips. Almost two years ago I finally settled on two domains asabharwal.com and binarybreakfast.com.

Resistance to Change

For a few years now, I share a story with people as part of my new year greetings. Every year a lot of us make resolutions – lose weight, quit smoking, take up art, etc. Most of these resolutions are for personal change and that is a good thing. However almost all our resolutions fail as January progresses and we start presenting resistance, – I cannot exercise today, I’m too tired; It was a stressful day, I need a smoke. You know what I mean. Another aspect of this resistance is an inability to change our way of thinking. Most of us are set in our day-to-day lives and routines; which leaves us blinkered when presented with a different thought or opinion.

Small space garden and two dogs

[](../assets/img/2012/12/Three-ripe-tomatoes.jpeg)These plants are my pride and joy! I have small blossoming gardens on my apartment balconies. This is my favourite one, next to my kitchen. The tomatoes are growing well and the basil and parsley are thriving. The sage and oregano have started sprouting and the flowers are blooming. 🙂 I just have to ensure that the dogs don’t eat my herbs which they are very fond of doing.