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New year realisations

It is a tradition that you should start a new year with a few resolutions that you should try and keep. Maybe, lose some weight, try and save more- heck I’ve tried to do some of that myself. But the painful thing about resolutions is that they are very very (near impossible) to keep for people (aka: ME). Change is inevitable, it is constant and out of the control of us mere mortals. Resolutions are a feeble attempt at trying to control change, let them flow. Rather, I think we should start 2014 with a few realisations. So my realisations for 2014

Resistance to Change

For a few years now, I share a story with people as part of my new year greetings. Every year a lot of us make resolutions – lose weight, quit smoking, take up art, etc. Most of these resolutions are for personal change and that is a good thing. However almost all our resolutions fail as January progresses and we start presenting resistance, – I cannot exercise today, I’m too tired; It was a stressful day, I need a smoke. You know what I mean. Another aspect of this resistance is an inability to change our way of thinking. Most of us are set in our day-to-day lives and routines; which leaves us blinkered when presented with a different thought or opinion.