Hello 👋

I’m Akhilesh.


I am a digital thinker and marketer who has worked with leading digital agencies in India. Over the last few years I have seen and experienced the growth of the Internet and mobile in India . I have worked on large fortune 500 brands across multiple categories, including – Microsoft, Nokia, Airtel, Levi’s & The Oberoi Group of Hotels among others. To see more about my day job, connect with me on LinkedIn.

My varied interest include (apart from tech & the internet) design and human-computer interaction, advertising & marketing and history. I enjoy my food, cooking and feeding and eating and can be found in my kitchen most weekends.

I am happy to be contacted with post ideas, request for posts, and if you would like to reuse my work.

About this site

This site is a notebook, a collection of articles of my own writings and a carefully curated collection of information and bits gathered from elsewhere. My writings consist of my opinions, experiences and research. You will find some topics on the notebook a little off the beaten track. These include my posts on ‘Exploring Hinduism‘.